Mind Care

In the vast landscape of mental health support, Mind Care Mental Health Services is a not-for-profit NDIS registered provider, committed to fostering mental well-being and resilience.  With a holistic approach to mental health, we offer a range of services designed for people seeking support. 

Service Portfolio 

We provide mental health services, embracing a client-centered philosophy. Our offerings include: 

Tailored counselling sessions and therapeutic interventions to address a variety of mental health concerns.

Positive Behaviour Support
We understand that when people are happily engaged, doing the things they like, with the people they like, they tend not to use challenging behaviours.  

Telehealth Services
Accessibility is a priority for us, and we offer telehealth services to ensure people can access support from the comfort of their own home. 


Our assessments that are used as part of a comprehensive evaluation to inform a range of diagnosis such as: 

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) 
  • Oppositional Defiance Disorders 
  • Conduct Disorders 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 
  • Anxiety Disorders, and 
  • Mood Disorders 


Immediate Availability

We recognise the urgency often associated with mental health support.  Therefore, we are offering immediate availability for several of our services. This commitment ensures that people seeking assistance can access timely and responsive care. 

Centres Across Our Region 

Our centres strategically located centers across Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Moreton Bay and Gympie.  This makes our services accessible to a broad audience.  Our centers are designed to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for people seeking mental health support. 

Contact Information: 

If you or your loved one are seeking mental health services, we are just a call or email away. 

To enquire about availability, discuss specific services, or seek guidance, please contact us.

Phone: 1300 632 647 

Email: enquiries@mindcare.ybl.org.au 

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