At Mindcare MHS, our experienced psychologist provide services to NDIS participants and others with mental health conditions.

For NDIS Participants

Mindcare MHS is a NDIS Registered Provider. Our psychologists provide assessments and Specialised Behaviour Support, as well as training for their support workers, carers and family members. 

In particular, Mindcare MHS supports teen and adult NDIS participants who goal is to live independently and participate in the community. We work closely with all Supported Independent Living (SIL) organisations and have a close partnership with LevelUp Independent Living.    

Other Clients

Mindcare MHS also works with people with mental health conditions who self-refer or are referred by their GP. 

We offer people a range of psychological interventions according to their needs. Mindcare MHS psychologists clients from children, teens, young adults and others. 

Funding streams used by our clients include; Medicare, private health funds, Stepped Care Referrals through Primary Health Network and self-funding. 

Mindcare Services Offered

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Psychology Services 

Our experienced psychologists offer evidence-based therapy in one on one sessions, telehealth or in-home. 

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NDIS Services 

Mindcare is a NDIS accredited provider of therapy supports and specialised behaviour support.

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Telehealth and In-Home Therapy

Telehealth and in-home therapy allow our clients flexibility to receive their supports in their own home.  

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Specialised Behaviour Support

Our highly train staff provide Positive Behaviour Support planning, training and implementation.

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Mindcare offer a range of assessments and specialised referrals to meet your needs. 

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Associated Services

Access a wide range of services including therapies, living solutions and NDIS plan management. 

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PHN Stepped Care Referrals

Psychology services at NO COST TO YOU! If you aren’t currently financially able to pay supports, you maybe eligible for FREE supports.

Start taking care of your Mindcare today.