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Telehealth and in-home therapy

Mind Care Mental Health Services offers telehealth Australia-wide. 

In this current climate with Covid-19 a increasing stress for individuals and business owners, it is now more important than ever to be looking after your mental health. 

Telehealth provides alternative options to receive mental health support without leaving the comfort of your home. Mind Care uses the Microsoft Teams platform for video sessions. This service is simple and easy to use one of our friendly team members will send you instructions on how to download the application on your mobile device before your appointment. 

Telehealth Services - Australia-wide.

We understand that seeking psychology during the Covid-19 pandemic may restricted if you are unable to leave your house or access your community. Additionally, if you live in a rural community, access to mental health resources can be limited. At Mind Care, no matter where you are located in Australia, you can access psychology services online via telehealth.    

If you are new to using online services such as Microsoft teams, our team will step you through how to use the technology. It is a very easy to use service, once you have used it once, it is a piece of cake. You can use your smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet for your sessions. 

Your online psychology sessions are still just the same as if you were in one of the Mind Care Mental Health Services centres. The only difference is that you will be in the comfort of your own home.

With the current Covid-19 climate, more GPs are introducing telehealth medical consults. You will be able to get your GP Mental Health Plan or PHN Stepped Care referral by telehealth. Please call Mind Care Mental Health Services to ascertain what entitlements you may have access to. 

In-home therapy - Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Gympie, Caboolture

Mind Care Mental Health Services is an NDIS provider and can arrange in-home therapy for NDIS participants. 

We understand that due to circumstances you may not be able to travel to one of our centres, however, if you are NDIS funded, you can leave the travelling to one of our friendly Mind Care therapists. We can organise a one-on-one session in the comfort of your own home.

Contact our friendly team to find out if our psychologists are able to provide in-home therapy for you or your family.

Available for NDIS participants.

Tips to getting the most from your Telehealth appointment:

Make sure that your device is fully charged, or currently on charge so you don’t have to rush to plug mid-way through your psychology session. 

Before your psychology session starts, find a location that is private and comfortable so you aren’t interrupted. Our psychologists have found that also using headphones has helped. Our psychologists will be working in a private space in order to maintain highest level of confidentiality. 

Just like your face to face psychology sessions, it is a good idea to have a think before your session about what the most helpful thing for yourself and your psychologist to know. This way, we can help tailor the sessions to your needs.