Mind Care

Gaming therapy

Dungeons & Dragons social skills building group session. Building on the therapeutic benefit of role-playing social scenarios as a teaching tool this combines the therapeutic learning with the fun interaction of playing Dungeons & Dragons. This allows for surreptitious integrated skills learning and practice outside of real-world consequences.

How it works

10 x 2 sessions per cohort. This could be done weekly aligning with the school term or done with fortnightly or weekly sessions that could be started when groups are big enough to start. 4-6 participants for each cohort.

Would be an additional requirement for 1-1.5hr for session notes to be done based on 15min per participant. There would also be approximately 1hr per session required for setup and preparation. This would result in 4hr commitment for 8hrs charge time based on 4 participants and would help with allowing for non-attendance costs to be minimised with 2-4 no-shows still be covered under the cost.

Outcome &

1:1 Consultation

The following skills are what would be the target of group being a social skill building target but there are additional skills/outcomes that can be achieved through changing the topics that are being integrated.