Mind Care

NDIS Participants

Psychology and Mental Health Supports Pricing
Individual Psychology and Assessments
Positive Behaviour Support Plan Development, assessment and report writing
Positive Behaviour Support Plan training / implementation
Positive Behaviour Support Plan Travel Costs. As we provide a mobile response service best suited to the clients need, a travel cost may be applicable in addition to the therapy rate.
Prices vary per client, please contact us directly for more details.

If included in your NDIS Plan:

  • If included in your NDIS Plan Mindcare MHS adopts the NDIS Price Guide. The prices listed will remain consistent with the NDIS Price Guide. 
  • No gap payment. 

NDIS Participants Cancellation:

  • Our cancellation policy is consistent with NDIS Price Guide. Your NDIS Service Agreement with us details the cancellation policy and other important matters. 
Private and Medicare Clients Pricing
Medicare Mental Health Care Plans rebates available if referred by GP
  • Your private health insurance may provide some coverage. Please check with your provider directly. 
  • Please ask for specific rebates and gap fee when booking appointment. 
PHN Stepped Care Referrals Pricing
No cost to the client.
  • Cost is covered by PHN Stepped Care program and referred by a GP.
  • GP can make referral through PHN via 1300 747 724 or mentalhealthintake@ourphn.org.au
  • If no GP referral, we can organise a referral to Stepped Care for you.  
Travel Costs Pricing
Travel (labour costs) is charged at the same hourly rate of the thearpy.
Refer to thearpy prices
Travel (non-labour costs) is charged at $1.00 per kim fro home, school and community visits.
$1.00 per km