Our Partners

Mindcare Mental Health Services works in partnership with other organisations to create an integrated and seemless service experience for our clients.

Mindcare is part of a not-for-profit organisation, Your Best Life Disability and Health Services Ltd, which is developing diverse and inclusive disability support services in the region to meet the needs of people with disabilities across the life cycle. We are client-led, open to great ideas, innovative and collaborative.

Your Best Life offers four key services:

*  LevelUp Independent Living
*  Mindcare Mental Health Services
*  Children’s and, Teens’ Therapy Services
*  Your Choice Plan Management.

Our Partners MindCare

LevelUp Independent Living

Offering personalised supported housing and community participation solutions for adults living with a disability.

Our Partners MindCare

Your Choice Plan Management

Experienced plan managers that assist with your NDIS funding and offer same day guaranteed invoicing processing.

Our Partners MindCare

Children’s and Teens’ Therapy Services

Family-centred therapy services including occupational therapy, psychology, speech therapy and physiotherapy.

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